Sunday, 10 February 2008

Chocolate & Chocolate...

This is a SUPER simple chocolate cake and just as simple chocolate ganache. I made this in my newly acquired (bought in an op shop this week) cake tin that I simply ADORE for it's unique shape... actually I am not even sure that this is a "cake tin" so if anyone out there knows what it's true use is please let me know. It looks like the antique french chocolate moulds I have seen in Cacao...

Chocolate Cake

Place into a large saucepan the following:-

200gm butter
21/2 tbls cocoa
1 cup water
1 teas bicarb soda

Bring to boil - remove from heat and cool to lukewarm.

Stir in -

2 cups self raising flour
2 large beaten eggs
1 teas vanilla extract

Beat until smooth using wooden spoon (I used a whisk). (Batter will be fairly thin)

Pour into a greased and floured baking pan 23cm (9") square or two 20cm (8") sandwich pans. (I just put it all into my one tin)

Bake in moderate oven 180C (350F) approximately 45-50 minutes in deep pan or 35-40 minutes in sandwish pans.

Chocolate Ganache for the icing.

1/2 cup thickened cream
150gm dark cooking chocolate (chopped)
1 teas unsalted butter

Bring cream to boil in saucepan, mix in chocolate and stir until melted. Remove from heat and whisk in butter. It is now read to use.

(I just break the chocolate up and add it to the cream and zap it in the microwave for 1 minute, I then stir it until the chocolate is full melted and add the butter. This is beautifully glossy thanks to the butter).

I served this cake with dark cherry compote (or dark cherry jam) and poured over a little cream.

V x


stickyfingers said...

Vida you might want to delete that icky long spam comment you have there.

As for that cake - I can feel my waistband tightening just looking at it - bet it's yum.

Anthony said...

As stickyfingers said ... this is one dessert where you put on 5 lbs just looking at it!

purple goddess said...

Nice to see you back, darl.

THAT is one serious chocolate cake!!!

Vida said...

Jane & Anthony, you two have missed the point... look at that shape and forget about looking at my share after I eat all those calories!!!! V x x x

Ella, thanks Darling Heart, it feels good and the cake, well IT speaks for itself, yum!! Vida x x x

Sarah said...

Hi Vida,

Nice find on the tin!! It's a game pie tin, and retails at around $216 at certain posh kitchenware stores!!

The cake also looks delicious.

xox Sarah

Vida said...

Sarah, I guess I saved $208 dollars then because I paid $8 for it!!! I also got a fish pan for $30 which seems expensive for an op shop but I was thrilled... oh yes and cake stands, one oblong and one huge round for $6 and $10 respectively, I had a field day!! Vida x x x P.S. Thanks for the info, you are a wiz!! x x x

Malabei said...
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Kate / Kajal said...

Hello Vida , how are you , long time no see :)
Absolutely love the devilishly chocolaty cake. I was lookin for a gr8 recipe for the past couple of days. Seems like i have found one.

BTW Happy Valentines Day to you :)

Helen said...

Now that is one SERIOUS looking cake! It looks seriously delicious too.

Vida said...

Kate & Helen, hello and thank you both for you lovely comments. V x

chriesi said...

Mmm a real bomb. Lovely.

Vida said...

Thanks Chriesi, sadly it's all gone now... must find a new recipe to try!! Vida x