Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Meet Alana

This is Alana, my middle daughter. I have a set of three. She is in the stairwell on her way out.
The last photo is of her and Mr Wayne Cooper (fashion designer) when I took her to the Melbourne Fashion Show in the city last year. We had the best mother and daughter day ever. We had sweet tiny cupcakes and champagne (drinks only for mummy) at the show, she got to meet Wayne and was very shy so of course Mum was SUDDENLY good enough and not embarrassing enough, to speak on her behalf, hence the photo and kisses for us both I might add. He spent as long as we wanted with him, in fact we ended the conversation as we felt we were hogging his time. He was very encouraging and extremely open about his life, his family, his home... he was truly lovely. I thought we should end the day with a girls luncheon and took Alana to Grossi Florentino. Alana went to school with Loredana Grossi, Melissa and Guy's daughter. On our way there I found a twenty dollar note on the ground at my feet, a sign of luck I thought. Alana said Mum you have all the luck, so with that I handed my luck (the $20 note) over to my middle child, there, now she will never have middle child syndrome, RIGHT, I should at this stage hear you all say YES of course she won't.........

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