Monday, 10 September 2007

This is a photo of our cooking group and teacher in the Dordogne three years ago, when I ran away from home at 40 ala Mary Moody who did it at 50 - I was always ahead of my time... or was I always in a hurry not to miss out... who knows, it's one of the two. Di Hologuie was our teacher at the course was held in La Combe, in a tiny little valley called Les Eyzies de Tayac. I wanted to follow Stephanie Alexander to the South West of France and indeed she took this very course but in April that year and I wanted to do it for my birthday in May. It was the adventure of a lifetime and I met the beautiful Yanti Brown (hands on chin) and we have remained firm friends. Going halfway across the globe alone was the most empowering experience and as a lovely bonus my family appreciated me when I got back albeit for a short time. The course was only week long but I did squeeze in another four weeks of travel to England and Yugoslavia as well as my France adventure.

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