Saturday, 8 September 2007


* I am 43 years old (that's one and probably the hardest one).

* I went to Princess Hill High School and grew up in Carlton.

* I was born in the former Yugoslavia and have been back twice since and still speak the language though not that well. I have been to Chile, Easter Island, Taihiti, Fiji, France, England, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Indonesia but I always return to Australia.

* I wanted to be a hairdresser when I was a teenager.

* I love to bake and eat cake... and I listen to Opera whilst I clean.

* My father had blue eyes.

* My neighbour once said I had dangerous curves and I adore her for it... (surely that is enough dribble about me).

I cannot tag because I don't know any bloggers except Christie and she has just been tagged and tagged me so I will list my favourite sites instead.

* Paris Parfait

* Hanna's country kitchen

* Eating with Jack

* Lucullian delights

* Eat me!

* Sara Cooks

* Octobre Rose

* Paris Breakfasts


Jack said...

Hey Vida
Congrats on getting your own blog going...
I look forward to your recipes (some of which you could probably get reminders for from fantastic things you have mentioned on my blog!)
Perhaps i can request a recipe, and photo, what about Opera cake??!!

vida said...

Surely you jest, I have never made an Opera cake but I think in my 75 cookbooks I just might find a recipe and try it out... will you come for afternoon tea if I do??? x

Christie said...

Yay! I knew that would get you going, you're on a roll now! xxxx