Monday, 22 October 2007

Pork and potatoes for dinner....

The potatoes could not be simpler, indeed this whole dinner will take you no time at all to make and it is quite tasty.

Peel and cut potatoes and add a couple of tablespoons of oil or butter, but if you are wating to keep the fat out of the dish then add a little water. I have used baking paper and oil but if you are using water it's probably best to put it straight into the baking pan. I have added Vegeta, that is the stock powder I told you about in previous posts. This will salt and flavour your potatoes.

The pork too is simple. Add some salt and pepper, a couple of tablespoons full of both oil and balsamic or wine vinegar and a teaspoonful of ground cummin. Mix this all around til your pork is well coated and lay it on a bed of quartered shallots. The shallots will caramelise with the vinegar and oil and give off a really delicious taste.

Both the potatoes and the pork can easily go into the oven at the same time and cook at 190-200 c for 30-40 minutes, depending on how well and crispy you like your potatoes and indeed your pork. I did turn the pork once but it really is not necessary. You can baste the pork with the juices underneath too, just to keep the pork moist.

That is simply it... V x

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Hungry Hamster said...

That sounds so delicious!! I love roast potatoes!